What are the project objectives of SAM and what are we actually working on?

Smart Navigation Routines & Reporting

Based upon in-situ magnetic measurements, SAM will be able to autonomously detect, locate, and map magnetic anomalies in high resolution. For each investigated anomaly, SAM will automatically create a detailed report including equivalent mass estimations and - if available - provide optical images.

Smart AUV Mission Design

To decrease total AUV mission time to a minimum, it is beneficial to cluster multiple adjacent magnetic anomalies and investigate each cluster during the same mission. The calculation of the clusters is based on the distances between the targets in combination with other factors like prioritization or the water current direction.

Cable and Pipeline Tracking

Beyond the fully automated detection of UXO, SAM will be empowered to monitor and observe critical infrastructure like cable routes, pipelines, harbors, and sea lanes.

Platform and Sensor Independence

We are developing SAM using GEOMAR's Girona 500 AUV "Luise". Eventually, SAM will become platform-independent and sensor-independent.